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King 420

King 420

High A Ray Lay down unit with a maximum exposure time of 12 minutes.

20 - 1200 watt Mercury Vapor High Pressure lamps


1 Session $ 27
3 Sessions  $ 68
10 Sessions  $ 190
30 Days Unlmtd $ 217

Sun  &  Holidays  $ 19

Operating Instructions

Lamps come on automatically in 4 minutes.  Push the blue button on the wall Tmax to turn them on sooner (display counts down delay time - then tan time).  Lay down on the acrylic distributing your weight evenly with your head by the controls.  Push the down arrow to lower the canopy for stronger rays.  You can push the up button to raise the canopy at any time.  Lamps turn off automatically when your session is over.  Raising the canopy & pushing blue button on the Tmax ends your session early.

The Red button is for electrical emergencies only!  This will cause you to lose your minutes, your
session & your money (or charge you for the next client when the unit does not start)!

Goggles and towel are in the room for your use.

Recommended Exposure Schedule

Skin Type
Week 1
Visit 1-3
Week 2
Visit 4-6
Week 3
Visit 7-10
Week 4
Visit 11-15
2 4 min 6 min 8 min 10 min max time
3 6 min 8 min 10 min max time max time
4 8 min 10 min max time max time max time
5 10 min max time max time max time max time


For Best Results - Use a High B Ray unit next day use a High A Ray unit