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Spinal Exerciser

Are you concerned about health, fitness, stress, chronic back pain, dieting or exercise? The Spinal Exerciser uses the principle of gentle infinity (perfect eight motion) to enhance the core life energy of the body (CHI) and promote total wellness in only 15 minutes a day.

1 Session $ 10
3 Sessions  $ 25
10 Sessions  $ 80
Sun  &  Holidays  $ 7


Puts mind & body into deep relaxation, conditions spinal discs/ligaments/blood vessels, enhances nervous system, helps the process of peristalsis which condition internal organs, helps balance autonomic nerve system, regulates secretion, firms/tones lower body, burns fat, promotes weight loss, decomposes fat cells, flushes out toxins, lowers heart rate, steadies breathing, lowers blood pressure, stores energy, aligns the spine, enhances conscious dexterity, beautifies skin, relieves stress, strengthens immune system, and improves your sleep. The air mattress has infrared fibers sown into the material which has been proven to penetrate deeper into the skin and subcutaneous tissues releasing energy, improving circulation, and speeding up metabolism.

Operating Instructions

Remove your shoes. Press the blue button on the wall Tmax. Sit on the air mattress between the side bars. Hold the control panel in your right hand. Lie down. Remove or adjust the pillow to the most comfortable position. Place your feet in the foot rest and adjust the distance using the shaft handle. Press the red on/off button, select mode, press the green start button. Unit will turn off automatically.

Mode 1 - Low Speed - Helps blood circulation, rehabilitates and warms up muscles
Mode 2 - Medium Speed - Enhances energy level, encourages mental well-being, smooths away tiredness and pressure
Mode 3 - High Speed - Improves muscle tone, fitness level and weight (recommended)

Spinal Exerciser