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Why Use an Indoor Tanning Lotion?

To moisturize skin.  UV rays bounce off of dry skin instead of tanning it.  Skin gets dry here in the desert - even if you don=t notice.

To get more rays.  Your skin has pores (holes in it).  When UV light comes in at an angle it reflects off.  Our lotions have an amplifier
that grabs the angled light and directs it down in your skin to tan you.  You can get 3 times as many rays in one
session when you use our indoor tanning lotions.

To immediately activate your melanin.  The amplifier activates your melanin as you apply the
lotion so you do not have to wait 5+ minutes for it to be activated by the UV rays.

To produce more melanin.  The amount of melanin your body produces directly affects how tan you can get.  Our lotions have an accelerator called Tyrosine which makes your body produce melanin faster than it does on it's own.  The more melanin
you have, the tanner you become.

Some of our lotions have a bronzing ingredient (a very mild self tanner - no streaks) which makes you appear tanner until you shower/bathe.

Dry flaky skin removes your outer tan so apply moisturizer after each shower/bath.  Our Amethyst after shower/bath lotion also has
Tyrosine so daily use will increase your melanin production which means the tanner you can become and your body will be primed
for a tanning session packed with results!

Our Desert Treasures line allows us to pass along substantial savings to customers while still using major company=s products that we have enhanced by adding in amplifiers & accelerators.  Samples will help you find one the you like the best!  1st time here - you get a free sample!

Desert Treasures Guide

Diamond Series - Non Bronzer   
Diamond - no feeling on skin
Aqua Diamond - feels cool on skin
Ruby Diamond - feels hot on skin
Amethyst - daily moisturizer - no feeling on skin

Tiger Eye Series - Bronzer   
Tiger Eye - no feeling on skin
Aqua Tiger Eye - feels cool on skin
Ruby Tiger Eye - feels hot on skin
Peridot - oil free daily moisturizer & before UV free tan - no feeling on skin
Topaz - do it yourself Spray On tan - no feeling on skin