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Leg Tanner

Leg Tanner

High B Ray unit that wraps around your legs.  Maximum exposure time is 10 minutes.

36 - 85 watt Very High Output Low Pressure Reflective lamps with UV B      Total UV A&B

1 Session $ 9
3 Sessions  $ 23
10 Sessions  $ 58
Sun  &  Holidays  $ 6

Operating Instructions

Lamps come on automatically in 4 minutes.  Push the blue button on to turn them on sooner (display counts down delay time - then tan time).  Sit on the chair, use the yellow handle to twist the chair and put your legs in the unit.  Push the top canopy down towards your legs for stronger rays.  The clear acrylic is not rated to hold body weight so keep your buttocks on the chair.  Lamps turn off automatically when your session is over.  Pushing the blue button ends your session early.

Recommended Exposure Schedule

Skin Type
Week 1
Visit 1-3
Week 2
Visit 4-6
Week 3
Visit 7-10
Week 4
Visit 11-15
2 - 5 2 min 4 min 6 min 8 min max time


For Best Results - Use a High B Ray unit
next day use a High A Ray unit